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We provide a number of Air Freshener Products and Refills for all kinds of spaces, whether it is Office Scape, School, Mall, Gym, and others.

Electric Perfume Diffuser-Medium

Stand Alone Scent Diffuser

Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage Original Designer

  • Suitable for big-sized commercial places.
  • The Concentration Setting device and built-in 24 hours/1-week timer system can adjust the concentration of flavor release in different environments by customers.
  • Electric Perfume Diffuser.

  • Scent Coverage: 300 sqm.

  • Big size: Suitable for a large area - Commercial places.
  • Wifi Electric Scent Diffuser.
  • Dimension: W150*D150*H5100.
  • Capacity: 500ml / NW: 7KG.
  • Coverage: 500 sqm.
  • Email alert on the notification when low hand sanitizer level.
  • View the hand sanitizer dispenser usage statistics on computers in real-time.
  • 2MP wide-angle camera / Cloud Service of CMS /Software AP Supporting/Cost performance.
  • Brightness is optional: 250 /500/1000.
  • Face data with body temperature data display and autosave to the backend.
  • All temperature sensors.
  • Capacity: 3000 ml Bottle.

Our Products

Our All Exclusive Products

Sanitizing Dispenser With Stand

LED Air Freshner Refill

  • Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer with Floor Stand ideals for School, Offices, Mall, Hotel and Supermarket Battery Operated, Non-contact, Dispenses premeasured.
  • Spray Coverage: 3400 meters.
  • 300ml - 30 days supply.

Sanitizing Machine With Sensor

  • Wall Hand Auto Sanitizer with Sensor Equipped, an infrared sensor that automatically sanitizes your hand, eliminates cross-contamination, keeps your hand surroundings germs and bacteria-free.
  • Spray & Battery Operated.
  • Suitable for shops, rooms, toilets & etc.

LED Dispenser Air Freshner

  • Automatic dispensing of hand sanitizer.
  • If the temperature is normal, then the person can go to the next chamber.
  • In the disinfection chamber, the person is sprayed with a burst of disinfectant in the form of a mist using ultrasonic induction technology.
  • The complete process takes 10-15 sec.

Intelligent Temperature Disinfectant Tunnel

  • Suitable for small areas.
  • Electric Perfume -Small Diffuser.
  • Capacity: 200 ml. 
  • Coverage: 500 sqm.

Small Diffuser